A Fish with Glasses

By Jack Berglund

In case you were thinking something wasn’t exactly what it seemed with the photos in my last post, you’re right. They’re not quite as ‘fish eye’ shaped as you might expect. The reason is I’ve processed the photos to reduce the effect slightly leading to a more pleasing finished product. The full on fish eye effect can be fun but I felt both shots looked better with some of the distortion reduced. I was using Image Trends ‘Fisheye-hemi’ plug-in. This easy to use app reduces the fish eye distortion leading to a more natural looking result.


After using Fisheye-Hemi plugin

This particular plugin is available for Photoshop or Aperture at a cost of $30.  You can get 3 dollars off you’re order at Image Trends by using the code ‘PLUGS’.  There is only one choice in the plugin and thats to pick the right mode depending on what lens you’re using (3 options). The site recommends using the ‘hemi 2’ option with this particular lens and it worked well for me in the majority of cases.

There are other options including Panotools which is free although I understand its a little harder to use without paying for a app to front it and make things easier to use.

    • John Marsh
    • March 16th, 2010

    Very cool Bergers. Bad news about the cracked lens though…

  1. December 27th, 2010
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