Something Fishy

By Jack Berglund

On April 26, 711, Tariq ibn Ziyad and his army invaded Gibraltar and famously ordered his men to ‘burn the boats’ so there would be no thought of retreat their minds.  This feet was repeated by Cortez many centuries later in South America and no doubt by other commanders throughout history.  This somewhat extreme form of motivation seems to have had the desired affect in both cases with the respective armies triumphing.

And so it was this weekend when I headed out armed with nothing but a 10.5mm Nikon fish eye lens.   I didn’t set fire to my more usual collection of lenses (I simply left them at home) but the affect was similar.  I had no choice but to keep snapping with the fish eye even when I wished I had something more conventional to hand.

Unusually, I had decided to take my own advice (in this case from the “Three Day Weekend” post) and rent a lens for the weekend.  A quick call on Thursday to Adorama confirmed they had the 10.5mm Nikon fish eye lens in question and I popped in my way home after work and collected it.  The whole experience was quick and very easy.   Some shots were good and interesting and others not so much. The triumph of this no retreat approach was that I enjoyed myself immensely and feel my photography was rejuvenated.

  1. I’ve always wanted to own a fisheye lens. Looks like you had some fun with yours. I had never thought about renting a lens…guess I didn’t realize you could do that.

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