Giants Pain in the Arse

As we all know communication or lack thereof tends to be at the heart of most problems and issues that happen in life.  Preparation may Prevent Piss Poor Performance (the 5 Ps) but in my experience Clear Communication Cuts Confusion and Cockups (my 5 Cs).  The communication issue in this case was the Giants website which cutely states ‘no video cameras’ but is lacking on any other camera related info (as far as I could find).  I’ve seen other stadiums reasonably state no lenses longer than 6 inches but nothing was mentioned here. Presumably, if you didn’t want people to bring other kinds of camera you would put that information on this page also? Well, presume nothing…

I was going to watch the Giants play the Steelers in a pre-season game.  I had my camera to take pictures of the new stadium and my colleagues in the company box.  The longest lens in my bag was only 105mm, not exactly enough to take action shots to sell to the world. At the first gate, I was asked to open my bag.  No way I was getting in apparently.  The supervisor produced their guidelines on a piece of paper: no camera “with a detachable lens” was allowed into the grounds.  WTF?  Having failed at the first attempt, I tried a different gate.  I got past the first less interested gate guy but then his supervisor came and politely asked me to go outside and check my bag.  Grrrrrrr!

How hard would it be to share this information clearly on the website?  I guess the 5 Cs haven’t made it to Giants headquarters.

My advice if going to Giants stadium would be to take your SLR with a single lens and leave all your spare lenses at home.  Many people got in with this setup.   If you have a battery grip on your camera, remove it to make the camera look less ‘professional’ and be prepared to check your camera if asked.

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