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Awesome Vintage Photo Website

A great collection of fashion photographs from the 1920s to 1970s.

I particularly like the Woman dining with a Cheetah


My First Featured Photo – Yay!

Feeling good today after one of my pictures was selected for a travel website.  Its not the Met but still nice to get some small recognition.

I got a polite message on Flickr that my picture had been nominated as a candidate for a travel website as long as I gave my consent  I filled out a form confirming that was ok but didn’t expect to hear anymore.  Nice surprise to find out its now on the website.  Click here to see my (not so) giant image on the Schmap Miami travel site.

Fire and Snow

By Jack Berglund

I woke up this morning to a loud rumble and the sound of sirens.  When I came out my front door there were at least 30 firefights in the street with associated fire trucks and ambulances.  The Party shop of Greenwich Av and W10th had burned down. If nothing else, it proves the value of always having a camera handy.

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