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Amazing 1950s Shots Created Using Minatures

Michael Paul Smith has taken some amazing pictures.

North Main Street - Michael Paul Smith


What blows me away is the way he takes them using a combination of detailed models and real life backdrops.

Behind the Scenes

We’ve all seen moments in movies where you think, thats obviously shot using scale models.  Sometimes its hard to say why, but as human beings, it seems we’re very quick to perceive tiny detail thats off in an image that makes it seem fake even if we can’t right away point it out.  This makes Michael Paul Smith incredibly realistic pictures all the more amazing!

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Schwingen: Swiss Sumo Westling without the Semi Naked Fatness

By Jack Berglund

Its been a while since my last proper post as I’ve been busy moving my life across the Atlantic to Switzerland.  I’m now getting settled in Zurich and finally got the chance to start writing about my experiences.

Taking the role of Mr State the obvious: Switzerland is a mountainous country.  Wherever you are, it seems like you can always see a mountain looming somewhere on the horizon.  This more than anything has shaped the people who live here and the way they live.  Only recently has it become easy to travel from valley to valley let alone from one end of the country to the other.  This has enabled switzerland to evolve and preserve a vast array of traditions that have died out in many other countries. Schwingen, swiss mountain wrestling, is one of these traditions.  Think Japanese sumo wrestling, with skinnier participants taking place high on the mountain grazing pastures. As a bonus, the wrestlers wear substantially more than the oversized sumo ‘thongs’.  A few weeks ago I travelled up into the Apenzell region to discover what happens in this most Swiss of events.

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Lens Rentals Data – Canon Four Times Quicker Than Nikon at Repairs

Lens Rentals published their data for defects and repairs across the kit they own.  Some interesting nuggets in here. Sigma’s 120-300 f2/8 stands out as a serious lemon with 3 times more failures than the next worst offender. This would certainly make me think twice about this lens but in general Canon and Nikon also feature heavily in the top 15 so I don’t think it means avoid Sigma in general.

Check out the methodology and the list at:

Usain Bolt Takes Photographer’s DSLR, Shows What its Like to be Centre of Attention

Some really great shots capturing the atmosphere in the Olympic stadium. Maybe Usain Bolt has a career as a photojournalist post athletics


Usain Bolt Nabs Photographers DSLR, Snaps Awesome POV Shots bolt4 mini


Old’s cool? Retro Film Cameras

By Jack Berglund

I leave my apartment and find myself reaching for a small black plastic film camera, the Black Slim Devil.  The Nikon D3 I reach past probably has more processing power than the original Apollo missions to the moon.  My Casio point and shoot is a technical marvel with its 240 frames per second video shooting.  And yet its the one button (the shutter) and one dial (wind on the film) simplicity that draws me to the Devil.

As a technophile, proud to own the latest electronic gadgets, I find this situation puzzling.  Could less really be more after all? The simplicity puts you in a different mindset.  All the variables of taking a photo are reduced down to: what are you looking at and how is it lit, arguably the most important elements of any picture.  Freed of some of the more left brain concepts like balancing aperture and shutter speed, selecting the right focal distance etc, good old creative right brain gets to run the show. Continue reading

Favela Photos

By Jack Berglund

Rocinha is one of the oldest favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro and the largest in Brazil, perched on a steep hillside overlooking the city. I am lucky enough to be taken round by Alberto, a resident come tour guide for a close look at the streets, back alleys and to my surprise his own home in the favela.

Kids playing on a home made table tennis table with make shift bats in Rocinha

Two weeks prior to my visit, the Rio police occupied Rocinha in force in an attempt to drive out drug dealers and return order. Hundreds of special forces police and navy commandos backed by armoured military vehicles and helicopters moved into the slum before dawn.

Rocina Favela with a heavy police presence

From what I can tell, this was a move generally welcomed by the majority of residents who are hoping for a reduction in crime and better prospects for the future.  My guide, Alberto, has lived in Rocinha for over 30 years and took a ‘for now its good but we’ll wait and see’ attitude.  As a photographer, the good news is I am able to openly take photos which would have been impossible before the police action.

One of the many back alleys in Rocinha

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Superb Safari Images from Nick Brandt

Some really stunning images that will make you want to go on safari:

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