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A great collection of fashion photographs from the 1920s to 1970s.

I particularly like the Woman dining with a Cheetah


Fun Techniques: Miniature Models

By Jack Berglund

Creating a miniature effect, where a normal scene is transformed to look like a photo of a toy model, is surprisingly quick and easy and can add a new playful dimension to some of your photos. What better subject to turn into model than the striking, imaginative, almost dreamlike buildings of Antoni Gaudi.

Gaudi was a Spanish architect who did most of his work in Barcelona at the start of the the 20th Century.  His Modern Catalan creations were not always well received at the time but there is no doubt he left his mark on the architecture world and on the city of Barcelona.  I was in Parc Guell in Barcelona last week and found myself looking down on a crowd of people at the foot of two fairy tale Gaudi buildings and immediately though this would be the perfect image to try a miniature model effect.

How to Create the Miniature Model effect?

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Great Pics: About Life, Mete Ozbek

By Jack Berglund

I came across Mete Ozbek from an article in Life Force Magazine.  His photo-essay ‘About Life‘ is simply spellbinding.  Each photo is both compelling visually and also speaks to a whole untold story.  I find myself looking at each picture and imaging a back story for each character.

Check out his Flikr page also.

Explore NY: City Island

By Jack Berglund

City Island is a small outcrop on the East side of the Bronx.  It gained some fame recently as the scene of the 2010 movie by the same name.  You can get there by a combination of subway and bus in a little over an hour from Manhattan.  Why would you make such a journey?  Going to City Island from Manhattan is like being transported through both space and time.  The whole point of traveling is to go somewhere different from where you started (and if you’re me to eat in different restaurants), and this 1.5 mile long island certainly delivers on both counts.

City Island feels like its 1970-something, somewhere far far away from the city streets of the Big Apple.  Its very much the US equivalent of a British seaside town. Like so many of those seaside towns, you get the sense that City Island’s hay-day has long since past but you still see its charms, all be it faded, showing through.  British fish and chips are transposed to fried shrimp and beer.  Check out Reef at the south tip of the island and wash your shrimp down with some bargain Pina Colada’s!

Getting to City Island is not especially difficult but if you’re a typical Manhattan-ite for whom traveling to Brooklyn takes a special occasion and the 15 minute journey to Hoboken is only to be considered under serious duress then you might have a problem.  Ride the 6 train as far North as you can to Pelham Bay Park then find the Bx29 bus to City Island. Alternatively rent a car and drive there in less than an hour.  You can wonder the length of the main road in a few hours.  If you’re feeling homesick, check out some of the side streets to the west for a view of the Manhattan skyline.

As often seems to be the case when I travel, most of my memories seem to be centered around food and drink.  The place to have dinner is Sammy’s Fish Box.  It seems to be the special occasion place on City Island and was full of couples celebrating anniversaries and birthday parties.  The menu consists of giant portions (and I mean truly giant, even by American standards) of butter covered seafood with every side and trimming.  Healthy its not but it sure tasted good!

If you’re looking for something a little different to do on a summer weekend, and need to get out of the city check out City Island.

Photography Rube Goldberg – Remarkable

There are some crazy Rube Goldberg machine videos out there but this is one of my favorites.  Its all done using photography equipment and is probably the most convoluted set of actions ever resulting in a single photograph.  For those of you not familiar with Rube Goldberg, he was a American cartoonist and engineer, famous for his depictions of complicated machines that performed very simple tasks.  I think he would have approved of this setup:

Especially like some of the little touches: look out for Mario becoming animated when he passes behind an iMac and the use of the spring loaded door cover of a Nikon D3. Enjoy!

New Nikon Lens Thermos

Last July, I posted about a lens mug styled after a Nikon 24-70mm lens.  Photojojo have now started selling a thermos styled after a the Nikon 70-200mm.  They claim the stainless steel double lining will keep your coffee or tea hot for 20 hours.

Its only a matter of time before you see a story about someone attaching the thermos to their camera by mistake and pouring coffee into its innards.  You heard it her first!

Photojojo also sell canon lens mugs.

Phoenix Haboob – Crazy Sandstorm Images

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