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‘I Got a Tripod for My Wife – It Was a Fair Swap’

By Jack Berglund

As the Rolling Stones said, you can’t always get what you want.  I console myself with the notion that if you could have anything and everything then there would be nothing to aspire to or work towards. It may or may not be true, but it is at least consoling.  The object of my affection here is a tripod.

A good tripod will be sturdy so it doesn’t wobble or flex and keeps the camera pointing where you aim it.  The best tripod is the one you have with you when you need it.  If you like to walk around taking pictures this means something light and small otherwise you won’t take it with you all the time and you’ll end up missing opportunities.  As you might expect, these qualities are typically mutually exclusive.  Its like trying to find a low alcohol beer that tastes like the real thing or

Now I think I’ve found the answer: the Gitzo GT-1550T Traveler with G1077M Ballhead

This carbon fiber beauty folds up small enough (just 35cm or 14 inches) to fit in my Billingham camera bag (more on bags another time) and weights just 1kg (2.2lb) so I would always have it with me.  It stable enough to support my camera and won’t frustratingly sag or move after being set.  Its not the tallest tripod (146cm or 49 inches) and its not the right choice where maximum stability is key.  It is however the best tripod, if its the tripod you always have with you.  Whats the catch? Well, its $700 dollars (plus tax).  I’ll just console myself knowing that everyone needs something to aim for…

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