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Old’s cool? Retro Film Cameras

By Jack Berglund

I leave my apartment and find myself reaching for a small black plastic film camera, the Black Slim Devil.  The Nikon D3 I reach past probably has more processing power than the original Apollo missions to the moon.  My Casio point and shoot is a technical marvel with its 240 frames per second video shooting.  And yet its the one button (the shutter) and one dial (wind on the film) simplicity that draws me to the Devil.

As a technophile, proud to own the latest electronic gadgets, I find this situation puzzling.  Could less really be more after all? The simplicity puts you in a different mindset.  All the variables of taking a photo are reduced down to: what are you looking at and how is it lit, arguably the most important elements of any picture.  Freed of some of the more left brain concepts like balancing aperture and shutter speed, selecting the right focal distance etc, good old creative right brain gets to run the show. Continue reading

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