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Three Day Weekend

If you’re stuck in a rut with your photography, there are lots of potential sources of inspiration (I’ll come back to this theme on more than one occasion). One simple way to get yourself off the couch and try some new things is to rent lens for the weekend. Try something wider (shorter focal length) or longer (longer focal length) than you currently own to get a new perspective.  Fisheye lenses are also fun.

The good news is that many rental companies count the weekend as a single day of rental. Better than that, if you’re in New York, Adorama have a weekend rate which starts on Thursday after 4.30pm with returns on Monday morning and only cost a little more than a single day’s rental. This is a full three days. For example, you can rent a 10.5mm Nikon Fisheye lens for a day for $18 or three days over the weekend for $23.

If you needed an excuse to take a day off work and go somewhere, now you’ve got one…

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