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I’m Living in a Box, Living in a Cardboard Box

No, this post is not about bands from Sheffield but you can’t beat a bit of 80 reminiscing: Click for a reminder of the Living in a box video.

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day. Listening to the rain against the window and the wind howl, I was glad to be inside. There is a limit however to what you I can photograph in my one bed apartment without going outside. What if there was a way to experiment and learn about different lighting conditions without leaving the apartment? Simple, build a photography studio.

Space being a consideration here in Manhattan, I decided that a small photography studio was the way to go: not 20 feet across, not 10 feet across, not even 5 feet across. This studio measures 14 inches square! Now clearly you’re not going to be photographing normal size people (not even Tom Cruise will fit) but many of the same principles apply to photographing products, flowers etc as real people. Continue reading

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